Friday, January 22, 2010

losing 2 of the 3 men in my life...

yes it is true. kirk leaves in less than 48 hours for basic training at ft. benning, georgia. and my dad has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has moved into a hospice today. i can't believe all of this is happening at the same time. at least i have bret and because of bret i can't give up. i need to keep going for him and for kirk and i know it is what my dad and other family members would want. but it is extremely hard to be strong for everyone all of the time. for months i have tried to get used to the fact that kirk would be leaving and then i learn that my dad will be leaving and joining God. at least my dad will be with God and i know that he will no longer have to deal with cancer and diabetes and the many other horrible health concerns that he faces everyday. at times i wonder how i will make it without kirk when my dad passes. kirk is my rock and my support. i have never gone through anything this difficult in my life and i can't imagine doing it without my husband. but no matter what - i am proud of kirk and i know my dad is too. i know that i will be reunited with kirk in a matter of months and there will be a time when i am reunited with my dad. for now, i will live. i will live day to day and enjoy my last hours with kirk and finals days with my dad.

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