Sunday, March 21, 2010

18 days...

wow - kirk has 18 days left at BCT!! he has been thru so much so far...worrying about me, bret, and my dad's health, getting pink eye while missing a critical training, and tranisioning from civilian to soldier. he' strong and getting thru this. i'm very proud of him.

our trip is planned and we leave in 16 days to make the 12.5 hour drive. stopping somwhere in the middle to sleep on tuesday night. i'm very excited to see kirk (especially in his uniform). kirk's mom and tom will be joining bret and i.

bret has adjusted very well to daycare. he still has days that he cries when i leave...but he is doing so much better. i just got his school pictures. sooo cute! my baby is growing too fast.

i'm very excited about our new journey - kind of like a new start. new people, new places, etc. the only thing is we have decided to find homes for our 3 cats. all of the moving would be too hard on them. i just hope to find homes so that they will not go to a shelter. they are so adorable...

my dad is still in hospice. he is doing well. the cancer has not spread to any other places in his body - Praise God!! but the mass is growing, he's getting frustrated because he wants to go home, and that is just not an option. i vistit as often as i can and i know seeing bret makes his week!! bret is actually pretty good there for only being 17 months old.

Today is sunday - the day kirk gets to call, as long as no one messes up. my day should keep me busy as my phone will not leave my side - church, visit dad, etc.

Thank you God for getting kirk, bret, and i through this difficult time. we could never had done this without You.